Attic Surprise Project - Barcelona - About Us
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Based in Barcelona, Spain, Attic Surprise Project, is one of the most capable studios producing colour separations for digital and conventional (flat bed and rotary screen) textile printing procedures, with a strong presence in the international markets.

Our solutions contribute to the development of high value products for international furnishings, home fashion, apparel, and wall paper brands.

The commitment to our clients is founded upon a high level of skill, and a dedication to quality, enabling us to solve the reproduction of the most sophisticated designs, tailored to each customer.


Attic Surprise Project is a family owned company led by Patricia Mitats and Josep Mitats with long experience in textile colour separation, engraving, and conventional and digital print procedures.

Quality is our aim. To achieve it we have an outstanding professional team of hand colour separation artists with many years of experience in tonal work and fine detail, capable of interpreting the needs of our clients. Combining new CAD technologies and these traditional skills, our team overcomes problems in a systematic way to ensure that the print result maintains the character and sensitivity of the design intact.